Escuela de Surf
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Surf School in Loredo

Contact: 646191709

Surf School La Isla Santa Marina

Escuela de Surf en Cantabria

Surf School in Cantabria



Surf school qualified instructors          


Welcome to our surf school.

The Surf School is located on the Cantabrian coast, 50mts from Loredo beach, facing the I++++sland of Santa Marina.

The Somo-Loredo beach is considered as one of the best places in Spain for surf learning and improvement.

Our school is approved by the Cantabrian Surf Federation and our instructors have the required degrees such as Surfing monitor, First Aid, and Aquatic Rescue.

Besides that, they have more than 20 years of experience surfing teaching and performance. As a professional job, they have worked more than 10 years as lifegaurds at the Loredo beach.